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Email Verifier

DataDoctor has built a state-of-the-art cloud platform for true email verification. Verify email addresses to purge invalid emails, junk emails, spam traps and others and instantly improve your campaign open & reply rates. Process large and small files with ease.

Email Appender

DataDoctor delivers a high throughput email append solution that helps you append missing email addresses for your leads and contacts, effortlessly and cost effectively. We have build deep expertise in B2B email appending and deliver highly accurate email addresses for your CRM contacts.

Website Verification & Append

Use our website verify/append solution to verify company websites to weed out bad companies, out of business ones and such others to instantly cleanse your account database. You can also append missing website URLs which are central to your account-based marketing, data development and more.

Data Audit

Know thy data! Our data audit solution tells you things about your own CRM data that you may not have known. Our detailed data audit solution analyses you CRM data, verifies random sample of it and creates a detailed dashboard about the data counts, data completeness, data validity and more. Actionable insights.

Technographic Profiles

Instantly get detailed technographic profiles appended to each of your accounts with a valid website URL. DataDoctor tracks the largest number of business applications, platforms and technologies and appends a structured view of tech used at each of your target accounts.

REI Append

Nothing is more important to personalized marketing than revenue, industry and employee data - append this critical information to your accounts to create targeted marketing plans, fine tune ABM strategies and a lot more. We can also map this based on your internal REI master.

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