About Us

DataDoctor is a cloud-based data quality software company with a mission to create a comprehensive suite of data cleansing cloud services. DataDoctor aims to help B2B marketers get the most out of their data by keeping is accurate, updated and enhanced and to do so cost effectively.

Data quality is considered important by every sales & marketing team but rarely given the attention and budget that it deserves. A lot of this was due to lack of effective & scalable solutions for comprehensive data quality. DataDoctor aims to deliver just that - a solution that is cost effective and works at scale and consistently. We have solved a lot of data quality problems and have many more to solve. Join us in our journey - create your free DataDoctor account today.

How do I get started with DataDoctor?

The best way to get started is to signup for a Free account and use DataDoctor for processing XLS/CSV files to see it in action. You can then schedule a call with our team to explore how DataDoctor can work for your overall data quality needs and we can setup the full process for you to get the most out of DataDoctor. You can also email us at [email protected] with your specific needs as well as questions.

DataDoctor is based in Silicon Valley and has an office in Pune, India.