About Us

DataDoctor is a cloud-based data quality software company with a mission to create a comprehensive suite of data cleansing cloud services. DataDoctor aims to help B2B marketers get the most out of their data by keeping is accurate, updated and enhanced and to do so cost effectively.

Data quality is considered important by every sales & marketing team but rarely given the attention and budget that it deserves. A lot of this was due to lack of effective & scalable solutions for comprehensive data quality. DataDoctor aims to deliver just that - a solution that is cost effective and works at scale and consistently. We have solved a lot of data quality problems and have many more to solve. Join us in our journey - create your free DataDoctor account today.

What does DataDoctor do?

DataDoctor helps you

  • Verify email addresses so you can improve deliverability & protect your SenderScore
  • Append missing email addresses to grow your marketable database & increase your reach
  • Verify company URLs to identify companies that are no longer in existence / merged etc.
  • Discover technology install profile of your target accounts to personalize your pitch
  • Append revenue, industry, employee data to improve you segmentation & targeting
  • Keep your CRM database cleanse automatically with our suite of CRM applications
  • Leverage the power of DataDoctor within your application or program via our API
  • Create a customized cleanse process to fit your exact needs
  • Audit your database to identify what’s good, what’s bad and what needs fixing

Why DataDoctor?

Without a comprehensive and consistent data quality process, all your sales & marketing campaigns are bound to suffer with a lower than expected ROI due to:

  • Incorrect targetinge
  • Campaigns reaching dead accounts & contacts
  • Lack of personalization & more.

A strong data quality process ensures that you have a marketing database that is relevant, accurate, updated and enriched with fields you need to make the most of sales & marketing spends downstream.

Your campaigns are only as good as your data.

Who uses DataDoctor?

DataDoctor is used by marketing teams at companies of all sizes. Startups seeking rock solid ROI on campaigns to large enterprise looking to get the most out of their large CRM databases, all use DataDoctor. Pegasystems, SDL, Mitrais, Directly, Localytics, ShippingEasy and many more companies globally use DataDoctor. We are just getting started and hope to be your dependable partner in your data cleansing journey.

How do I get started with DataDoctor?

The best way to get started is to signup for a Free account and use DataDoctor for processing XLS/CSV files to see it in action. You can then schedule a call with our team to explore how DataDoctor can work for your overall data quality needs and we can setup the full process for you to get the most out of DataDoctor. You can also email us at [email protected] with your specific needs as well as questions.

DataDoctor is based in Silicon Valley and has an office in Pune, India.

Get started in the next 1 minute.

DataDoctor empowers marketing & sales leaders with a 1-click CRM data cleansing & enrichment - simply upload your CSV file, choose what you want cleansed and that’s it. DataDoctor does the rest & let you know when your file is ready for download.

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